Mini Maker Faire Torino

As the “Sherlocks” were animatedly discussing exactly which theory of time travel was at work in the case they were trying to solve, my nerd-self did a little skip of joy: this was just the kind of debate my colleague and I had envisioned while designing the User Journey for this particular iteration of Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things.

The participants of this immersive storytelling game were tasked with coming up with the best possible solution to a complex case revolving around CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, time travel and wormholes (the title of the event was, as a matter of fact, “Sherlock Holmes: A Trip Through The Wormhole”).

The occasion was Droidcon Italy 2016, a networking event for developers and companies working within the Android ecosystem, organized by Synesthesia.

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